How to use FoafMe

Well well... actually it is not so hard to understand, I hope.
Everything you can do is pretty self-explaining. Nevertheless, the next few lines might give you a useful overview about the features of this nice tool

If you find bugs, report them.

During the first run you will be prompted for the name of the first foaf project. You can leave the default value and press ok. If you already have a FOAF file, you can enter the full path for it here.

Now we're coming to the main part. Here you have several different tabs in which you can type in your data.

There is also a configuration dialog. You can handle all other settings which do not concern the infos in your rdf document. Manage your rdf projects and configure for each the name of the ftp-server, if you want to publish your email and so on.
In this release the option to ping is not implemented, yet. The idea is to tell them about the new foaf document you're about to commit into the internet.

The most interesting point is certainly the conveniant opportunity to add contacts.
This can be done by pressing the add/new button in the "People I know" tab. The simplest way is to add a new person without having the URI of an rdf document about him. Just type in all the data that YOU know about him. If you know his email address you can enter it there. FoafMe will calculate the corresponding sha1sum.

NOTE: you don't need to worry about publishing foreign email addresses. During the upload progress they all will be filtered and only the sha1sum will be published.

By the way, it was our intension to keep the variety of information to describe friends very small. Tell your friend about FoafMe and animate him to design his own foaf file. Then you just need to link to him by the "his foaf file" field.
Another possibility to add contacts is the "find by URL" option. If you know the URL of a friends FOAF doc, you can just enter it in the first line, press "find" and select a person in the list below. (There is a list of persons because of the possibility of having more than one persons in one single document.)

So... and now you're able to choose your contacts by crawling through the contact lists of your friends. Just press the browse button. A new tab will open and display the foaf data of your friend. In the list on the right are all his friends to find. If a foaf file exists you can browse a new person by doubleclicking into the list. Wherever you're browsing, you can simply add new people to your list of friends'''

Last but not least we also built in the feature to perform a (until now only syntax-based) validity check of your data and an upload function. Just press the "check" button and press upload. Your foaf file will be uploaded to the ftp server you have configured in the configuration window.

By the way, it is NOT necessary to press check before uploading. The check button is only for having a feedback from the program.


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