Welcome to FoaFMe!

FoafMe is a project dedicated to give you a simple to use editor for your FOAF files.
It runs as Java application on any desktop you have. It also provides browsing the net of
connected foaf files and uploading your foaf file using ftp.

FoafMe is a Java application. The advantage of java is that you can use it on any platform
you want and that it works offline, you do not have to be connected to the web to edit your file.
Only when you upload your file, you will need an internet connection. You can either upload the file
yourself or use the internal FTP client of foafMe.

Read the feedback by downloaders.

Current Work

This summer semester, the practical exercises of the Semantic Web lecture at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern include working on the FoafMe tool. The students will try to use their acquired knowledge to improve the functionality and implement new features.

Coordination will take place on the SemWeb07 page.

There is an upcoming online version of foafme


  1. What is FOAF?
  1. Installation
  1. How-to-use
  1. Download
  1. Development
  1. Planned features
  1. License

FoafMe features are:

  • Edit your foaf file
  • manage multiple files
  • add friends
  • integrated browser to show other foaf documents

  • easy way to add friends-of-friends with the browser
  • FTP upload!
  • add contacts from your Address Book (real cool - made with GNOWSIS!)
  • Easy to use interface
  • Have your mom write her FOAF too!

Now get this thing and tell us what YOU think what it is


FoafMe is created by the DFKI's Knowledge Management Lab.

The idea was generated by Leo Sauermann and most programming was done by Daniel Bahls and Leo Sauermann.

Bug reports go here

It uses open source software that is also bundled with FoafMe

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